All the activities & benefits of the Trust shall be open to all economically backward students/people irrespective of Sex, Religion & Caste.

  • Promoting various disciplines of Education.
  • Scholarship programs to meet the financial requirements for Quality Education.
  • Establish training centers for Skill Development of Women for sustenance.
  • Establish Libraries, provide print and visual communication tools to enhance the Educational / Technical skills.
  • Establish and maintain hostels, camps and related establishments for the Physical, Mental and Psychological well-being.
  • Conduct special advanced programs to needy and talented students by having access to all Educational Aids & facilities.
  • Health: Provide primary medical centers and generic medicines at remote areas by collaborating with Medical Institutions.
  • Hygiene: (Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)) Accelerate the efforts of Govt. of India to achieve universal sanitation coverage, thereby improving the levels of       cleanliness in Rural India.